Thursday, October 24, 2013

Third Casts

I took Peter in for his third set of casts today. For a pleasant change of pace, we barely had to wait at all and the entire appointment, casting and all, took about an hour! That's amazingly fast compared to our prior experiences. For example, I had to wait a hour and a half before his casts were even taken off during our first casting appointment.

Dr. Segal was pleased with the progress Peter has made so far. His feet look better and better each week! I don't know yet how many more casts will be needed, but I'm hoping it will only be 2-3.

Peter's feet prior to round 3 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 2 of casting

Peter's feet at birth
He's been fussy this evening, as expected, but I've been carrying him most of the evening in my Baby K'Tan carrier and that seems to help. (Incidentally, I've found the Baby K'Tan to be an excellent carrier during the casting phase - the hug position seems to work best.)

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