Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fifth Casts

Peter got his fifth casts on Thursday, November 7, his one month birthday!

One month old!

Dr. Segal said he wants Peter to have one more set, and then we'll set the surgery date for his tetonomies. I'm pretty apprehensive about that since he'll have to go under general anesthesia for them, but I'm also glad to know that his feet are very nearly fully corrected. We're almost to the boots and bar!

I actually very much enjoyed his casting appointment - he sucked in his bottle the entire time, no fussing, and I played music on my iPhone. Dr. Segal, his assistant, and I kept up a conversation the whole time about our favorite musicians.

When Peter and I went into the casting room, Dr. Segal was in the process of putting casts on the legs of a tiny baby girl with a ton of dark hair. Her name was Emory. (Not sure of the spelling.) Her mom and I talked a bit; I showed her a picture of Peter's feet when he was born, and then showed her how much they had improved since then. She was encouraged, I think. :)

Peter's feet prior to round 5 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 4 of casting
(couldn't get a better pic because he was kicking a lot!)

Peter's feet prior to round 3 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 2 of casting

Peter's feet at birth

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  1. I am so glad he is doing so good! Wonderful watching this amazing progress!


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