Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sixth Casts

Peter's sixth casts were applied on last Thursday (November 14). As Dr. Segal said, they were the last casts for which he was awake - we've scheduled his tenotomy procedures for Friday, November 22 at 8:30am! If you could spare a prayer for him, and us, I'd be grateful.

I'm looking forward to having them over and done with, but I'm feeling pretty anxious as he'll be put under general anesthesia. Some doctors use local anesthesia or numbing cream, but Dr. Segal prefers general anesthesia, especially for babies with bilateral clubfeet, since it's so important that they stay perfectly still - a strong jerk of the foot at the wrong time could be disastrous.

After the tenotomies, he'll get another set of casts and will be in those for three weeks. Once they are removed, he'll start the 23/7 brace wear.

I was hoping he'd be into his boots and bar before I go back to work (probably December 2), but it looks like that won't happen. I hope he adjusts well to the brace, because enduring a few sleepless nights will be that more difficult if I have to get up at 5am and drive 43 miles. Luckily, he's a mellow little guy so far and has adjusted really well to the casts.

Peter's feet prior to round 6 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 5 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 4 of casting
(couldn't get a better pic because he was kicking a lot!)
Peter's feet prior to round 3 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 2 of casting

Peter's feet at birth


  1. He looks like he is making wonderful progress so far! He is truly blessed to have such caring parents and doctors to help him on his way to health. I will keep my fingers crossed for you all!

  2. I hope it went well yesterday!!! I've been following along with your posts, but I don't think I've had the chance to really comment on them. Isn't it amazing to look at those pictures and see what a difference there is already? It's amazing what they can do.


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