Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fourth casts

Peter had his fourth round of casting on October 31. Dr. Segal commented that he was pleased with his progress - he said Peter's feet were very stiff prior to the first cast, but they're a lot more flexible now. He estimates that Peter will need 2-3 more casts, and then he'll perform a tetonomy on both feet.

Casting went very well this week. Peter was very hungry before we started, so he was too busy wolfing down the bottle I had ready to fuss during the casting. I also met another clubfoot mom in the waiting room, from Queen Creek, AZ. Her little girl was 9 weeks and already in the boots and bar brace.

Oh, and I had yet another random clubfoot mom sighting this week! We were at a Chinese buffet with my mother-in-law, and an older lady walked by, saw Peter's casts, and asked if his feet were clubbed. When I said yes, she remarked that her daughter had been born with one clubbed foot.

Peter's feet prior to round 4 of casting
(couldn't get a better pic because he was kicking a lot!)

Peter's feet prior to round 3 of casting

Peter's feet prior to round 2 of casting

Peter's feet at birth

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