Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boots and Bar Update

We had a follow-up visit at Phoenix Children's Hospital this morning - Peter's first since getting the brace in December. (As I mentioned previously, it was supposed to be last month but we had to reschedule due to insurance issues.)

There was something going on in the examination rooms, not sure what, so Dr. Segal actually came out into the waiting room to look at Peter's feet! His assistant jokingly called it curbside service.

After we took off the boots and bar, he examined Peter's feet and pronounced them perfect. Best of all, he said we could start part-time brace wear as of March 12! That means Peter only needs to wear the brace for naps and nighttime, or 12 hours at night, whichever is easiest for our schedule (I think we'll have him in the brace from 6pm to 6am so that our daycare doesn't have to deal with putting the brace on or taking it off.)

Peter goes back for another check-up on May 22.

He also had his 4-month well baby check today. Unfortunately their scale was broken so I'm not sure what he weighs (I'm going to weigh him myself later tonight), but otherwise the visit was a success. He was flirting and cooing with the nurse and doctor the entire time, and barely cried at all during his vaccinations.

So excited to start part-time wear!