Friday, August 21, 2015

Peter's finally walking!

I just realized I never updated this blog with our sad news from June. Unfortunately, we lost Peter's baby brother or sister to miscarriage on June 1.

We are healing, slowly but surely.

In happier news, I'm excited to report that Peter is finally walking!

Several months ago I contacted AZ Early Intervention because I was worried that Peter was 18 months old and still not walking. It took a while, but we finally got him set up with some physical therapy sessions. After only two sessions, something clicked with him and he started walking like he'd been doing it for months. I took this video the other day and I'm so proud of the progress he's made. Take that, clubfoot!

He's going to have one more session at the end of this month just to tie things up and at that point they'll likely be discontinued. So proud of my sweet boy!


  1. Very similar path to Roslyn!, congrats Peter!

  2. Hi! 2 of my 4 boys have been born with clubfeet. I have enjoyed reading about Peter's journey. It is very similar to my older son, he started walking at about 17.5 months. I just wanted to say hi! It is always nice to find others who understand things like Ponseti, Mitchell boots, tenotomy, etc!

  3. Dear Joanna, my son was also born with a club foot on the right side. Here in our country we don't a good brace for the feet, the boot brace provided by the hospital here is making my baby very uncomfortable since it's made up of heavy metal with leather strap which is painful for him. He hates the boot and cries a lot, with him crying so much I am worried that his foot might not get corrected on time.
    I wanted to ask whether anyone can donate me boot like yours to me for my baby. Thank you pls reply at

  4. I recently found your blog and have read it all the way through. I also found out that my son had clubfeet at my 20 wk ultrasound and cried a lot. He was born this year we are currently on our 4th cast. I wish I had found your blog earlier because it is so nice to read and hear about people who have been through the process. I'm so happy to see Peter walking! I hope you'll continue to update as he progresses! Thank you for keeping track of his journey so far!


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